Though we moved to Seattle, WA this last June, your fearless tournament directors (Luke & Kelly - pictured left) will be hosting the Chicago Invite again for 2015 for our 8th year. In 2008 we were still playing college ultimate at North Park University, while also beginning to date. With so few tournament opportunities in the midwest, we decided to create the Chicago Invite. We had snow and ice our first year (and have continued that un-welcomed trend a few more times since then). We have hosted the event in 3 locations, and this year we are moving to our fourth. The move pulls us outside of Chicago and into Rockford; host site of many GL Regionals & this coming D3 Championships.

Like in past years, the Chicago Invite will be the largest single event in the US with up to 116 teams initially at Sportscore2. We will consider opening up Sportscore1 for additional teams if there is interest. But because we are now back to a single weekend with all divisions, the initial caps in each division are smaller than what we have had in past years. As such, we anticipate registration to fill up more quickly.

As of Saturday, November 22nd 10:00am: 35 Total Teams (18 CO, 8 CW, 7 U19B, 1 U19G, and 1 U16B)

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